Be the FIRST to meet Laurie Hernandez!

Sep 23rd, 2018 | Category: Contests

Be the FIRST to meet Laurie Hernandez!

A superstar like Laurie deserves a grand welcome, and that’s what we’ll give her!

Laurie’s arrival at Liberty Gymnastics will be a moment of high drama. All eyes will be upon her and cameras will be clicking as she emerges from her car, to be met by an exclusive welcoming committee, who will greet our extra special guest with an abundance of fresh cut flowers and an abundantly warm  welcome! We’ll provide the flowers – you supply the warmth!

Would you like to be one of Laurie’s personal greeters? The exclusive job is yours!…. for EVERYONE raising $100 or more between Sunday, September 23 and 11:59 pm Thursday, September 27.

PLUS: The top 2 fundraisers during this contest will escort Laurie into her private room inside the gym, then spend 5 PRIVATE MINUTES with Laurie! Bring an extra item to be autographed and parents bring your camera! Online donations only.

Thank you for fundraising for the Liberty Gymnastics expansion project.

  • Regina Brunson: $250.00
  • Isabela Morales: $180.00
  • Brooke Harris: $125.00
  • Kate Harris: $125.00

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