Two time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler is coming to Mac ALLSTARS on Sunday, June 8!

A Cheerleading superstar is coming to our gym! Two-time World Champion Gabi Butler will spend Sunday, June 7 at our gym! You have the opportunity to meet Gabi, win great prizes, and raise funds for the Special Olympics! Special Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere. We are the world’s largest

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Liberty is looking to expand! This means more SPACE and new equipment creating a fresh environment that meets the needs of all our students. Our preschoolers need room to run along with mats that fit their tiny size. Recreational students, boys and girls, need more time on the apparatus along with class availability to meet their schedules and improve their skill acquisition.

Team athletes are training higher levels as well, which involves advanced equipment that is not appropriate for our beginning students. With safety at the forefront we knew it was time to find a way to meet the needs of the ever growing programs, but how to do that was the question. We decided to expand our current space.

With an expansion not only will we meet the facility needs, we will be able to offer a more broad schedule for our Liberty families.

Expansion will happen in two phases.  In Phase 1, our Recreational and Preschool students will continue to use the 10,000 square foot facility with more space and stations dedicated to Preschool and Recreational gymnastics.  Boys Team athletes, Boys Recreational, and the new Boys Xcel program will move to a different space designed specifically for their needs.  In this expansion phase, the Girls team and the new Girls Xcel program will remain in the existing facility.  Phase 2 is targeted to begin 2 years after Phase 1 and Liberty will expand Phase 1 space to house the entire Girls and Boys Team program.  The current main gym becomes dedicated to having the best Preschool and Recreational gymnastics programs and opens the possibility to other fun recreational activities.

The next question was how to do it without putting a burden on our families? Liberty has teamed up with Lucas Sports to create a fundraiser that would help to build a new gym space. What are some of the purposes for a fundraiser:

  • Redesigning the gym to fit our preschool and Recreational students needs
  • Purchase new matting underneath the apparatus
  • Purchase learning tools to help students understand the gymnastics skills
  • Create an advanced training space for our team athletes
  • Begin a recreational competitive team called XCEL for boys and girls
  • Reward students for their fundraising efforts.

But, this is not any ordinary fundraiser. We have arranged to have Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez to come to our gym and spend time with those students who participate in the fundraiser. There will be many incentives that students can earn in order to spend the whole day with her, including lunch. With Laurie comes Laurie’s mom, Wanda. She is an amazing woman and she will be here to answer questions as well.

I have had the privilege to attend an event with Laurie and her mom and it was above and beyond any experience I have had with any other medalist. They are delightful.  So Join us in this once in a lifetime event and be part of the groundbreaking venture.

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Win a Selfie Session With Gabi Butler!

Win a Selfie Session With Gabi Butler! Score a photo keepsake that you’ll cherish forever: a selfie of you & Gabi Butler! The top 5 fundraisers between Sunday, March 3 and 11:59 pm Thursday, March 7 win! $50 minimum raised during the contest period to qualify, online donations only.  Good luck!


FUNDRAISING ENDS TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, AT 11:59 PM Fundraising for the top 10 and the top 30 end tonight, Wednesday, October 10 at 11:59 pm. The top 10 will attend lunch with Laurie! The top 30 will participate in an AMAZING additional clinic with Laurie! SPECIAL INCENTIVE TODAY: Win a Laurie Hernandez photo bomb when Laurie visits Liberty

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LAST CHANCE to Double Your Donations up to $500! 

LAST CHANCE to Double Your Donations up to $500!  Special double opportunity: All on-line donations received from Friday, October 5 through 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 9 up to $500 will be automatically doubled! For example: Raise $100 and get credit for $200. Raise $250 and get credit for $500. Raise $500 and get credit for $1,000. This

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Gabi Butler

About Gabi Butler

Who is…Gabi Butler Gabi Butler is an American All-Star Cheerleading athlete and actress, who gained fame after joining the ‘California All-Star SMOED’ cheerleading team. She started cheerleading at an early age of eight and became a top athlete banking on her flexibility, athletic ability, and tumbling skills. Besides active cheerleading, the athlete has been part

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Private Clinic with Gabi Butler

Raise $1,000 and attend a one hour PRIVATE CLINIC with Gabi and friends before the event begins!

Lunch with Gabi

How to attend lunch with Gabi Butler

The top 10 overall fundraisers will attend a private lunch with Gabi.